Austin visitors can stay in stylish boutique properties

Austin visitors can stay in stylish boutique properties that, despite their small size, pack in plenty of amenities. From a historic manor to a luxe lake retreat, here are nine stylish boutique hotels in and around Austin for $500/night or less (rates are based on May dates).

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The 1920s era suite is ittybitty compared to the lavish, spacious hotel suites in Edmonton’s downtown. The two room space is just 406 square feet, including the bathroom. The menu points its GPS north to Pennsylvania with a take on a Philly cheesesteak (cheddar jack, onions and peppers on soft naan) and the Pittsburgh inspired Primanti sandwich, with pastrami, coleslaw and hand cut fries topping thick cut Italian bread. Cape Cod is also represented with cranberry imbued crab cakes, served with a cranberry aioli..

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