Our average grocery bill over the past

Our average grocery bill over the past year is 105 a month, or 24.40 a week. We each allow ourselves 10 a month for clothes, and we both have a healthy budget surplus here. We don’t smoke, barely drink, rarely eat out. Insulate the first five feet of pipe coming out of the top of your water heater or the whole length until the pipe goes into the wall if that is less than five feet. Pipe insulation is available from your hardware store.Use cold water when washing clothes. About 16 percent of an average home energy bill goes just for heating water.

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It seems inhumane that if Al McQuarrie wants a bath, he has to wheel himself onto a bus. The resident of Greenfield Place says the twice weekly baths he used to receive in a tub in his apartment complex were the only times he felt relief from the non stop pressure created from sitting in a wheelchair all day. The IHA said it’s not worth fixing the broken Century tub lift system in Greenfield and to replace it would cost $25,000, an expense that cannot be supported with other facilities touting tubs down the road.

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Apartment square footage minus hallways, utility closets, etc.) square footage is 44,588 square feet. One need only refer to page 4 of the last revised plan set submitted to the city in May 2010 to confirm these numbers. The plan submittal set had a total of 48,152 gross square feet and a total of 44,738 FAR square feet.

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